House & land


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House & land

Please give me some advice if possible
I have 1 brother & 2 sisters which makes 4 children that was left 11 acres of land & a house by our mother who passed away 9 yrs ago.The problem is the 3 girls want to sell but the brother will not agree to sell.His son has been living in the house for 9 yrs with full use of the 11 acres which is wooded land.He now wants to build a big shop on this properity with his father permission but without the others 3 permission.
What grounds do we have in getting him to sell & can we stop his son from building a shop building on the properity.The deed has all 4 of us on it & we all 4 are listed as paying the taxes each year on this properity.Please help State of GEORGIA

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I would get the place appraised at fair market value. Then divide that by 4 and let him (the guy on the land) pay each of the other 3 their fair share. If he does not want to do that then you need to start legal procedures to have him evicted from the property. And be sure there are legal papers drawn up for the sale and he takes out a loan.
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I don't know that you can stop him from building the shop but it should increase the value of the property - providing it is permitted and inspected. If you can't convince the brother and nephew to buy out the other 3, I'm sure a real estate attorney could get the ball rolling.
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Is the son who lives on the property paying fair market rent to the four siblings who own the property?
Getting a lawyer involved might be your only option to help settling the situation where you and your sisters are being taken advantage of.

If the son isn't paying fair rent then the prospect of catching up on nine years may be enough incentive for him to move out.
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IIRC you are in Walton County. I would insist on a 4 person pow wow to determine who gave the boy permission to live in the house, how much rent he is paying, what sort of contract that exists between the 4 of you and the son. If none of this jives, then he's gotta go. If you guys have not been receiving any rent payments, then you're backing up, since you have to pay the taxes every year. There should be a profit margin there. And nobody eats for free.
If no meeting of the minds takes place, it is time for an attorney to get involved.

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