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Gun guy

I replied to your link which was in my inbox . I have account and have been using it for years to come here. Using the mail caused jumping so I switched browsers from MSIE9 to FF and am just sending you a courtesy note that I could not reply to your link. I was askng about fees for wills and had posted the question under the legal section.
This jumping has been going on for a long time. My problem is that my address is a Windows one = but when I click on the link when someone like yourself has replied, the jumping occurs. It only stopped when I switched to FF.
I cannot switch all my contacts from windows to FF or another account like gmail.
Do you think the conflict will be resolved so MSIE 9 and DIY will be compatible?
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You can't reply to a PM from your mail account. You need to come to the forum, go into your Private Messages, and reply from there (here).
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I'm confused. I don't remember sending any PM's? Maybe it was just a notification of a reply to the thread?
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Hello and sorry about the confusion.
Most of the time when I try to reply to a message in my or Hotmail inbox from DIY the site is either jumping or I get no connectivity. I just clicked on a link in my mailbox prior to this message and the first was as I described, n/g, and this is ok.
No change in variables. All constant.
Sometimes when I get a link to reply to and can't I try to "sneak" a p.m. to the party so they will not think Iam rude in not replying when in fact i cannot.
I cannot surrender my accounts as so many people know me there and all of my favorites respond to and from there.
There is a message sitting in my inbox right now which when clicked upon, says trouble with connectivity or if connected just jumps.
I have no trouble anywhere else and bekong to many forums; MGs , WTT, etc.
So I guess I was only trying to get in touch with those who replied to my posts and could not do it traditionally.
Is there an issue with MSIE 9 and DIY? I have no trouble on my end unless you only accept cookies or something.
Thank you

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