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dismiss atty

I was rear ended at a red light and the party admitted going 30 mph.
I was treated for parasthesia to my leg which is a feeling like when you have crossed your legs too long and it tingles and has little shocks.
This has persisted.
The accident was 1/05/10. I never had faith in this lawyer from the meeting until today. I just called the office and his two secretaries and receptionist have been replaced. I continue to receive $6,000.00 worth of bills from my pain doctor.
The new girl is trying to get up to speed but I would like to get another atty.
My grounds would be that this is a slam dunk and as I type it is still dragging.
He just smooth talks you when you call saying one excuse after the other.
Is there any way i can get another atty. even though I have signed the 1/3 contingency agreement?
It would be on the basis that he is not doing his in a timely professional manner.
He told me it should be under a year to consummate and that was a year and a half ago.
Thank you for your help.
I live in MD.
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You might have to ask another lawyer to find out

Insurance companies can really drag out the process. My oldest son was at fault in an accident that happened in the summer of '98. It still hasn't been fully resolved

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