Atty regress


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Atty regress

-I was rear ended @ 30 mph at red light.
-Other driver had MAIF so my insurance said to get an atty.
-Atty spent over 2 1/2 years to finalize
-his staff was fired/ or left in interim.
-I see a pain Dr. monthly for specialized meds and I need him. He built up a bill of 6K.
-Atty said he cannot get judge to rule on unitemized bill alltho Dr wrote + swears in a letter that all bills are fitting and necesaary for treatment and that I was hurt due to the accident. Bumber was minimal yet I was pushed into dash and it needed repair..
-other insurance offered 4250
-Atty called to say I get 1500 and he pays medical and I am free of any obligations.
-Atty had me sign check and I am to go to his office next week to disperse money.
-Unless he made a deal with the Dr. the atty will get 1/3 I get 1500 and the doctor will get 1700 instead of 6k.
-At day's end the bills are mine but the Atty said to me and my wife on speaker phone he is paying medical bills.
-I need the doctor and his medication so what regress if any do I have if there is an issue with the doctor not getting what he said the bills were?
-The lawyer is as slippery as an eel and he would be out of it leaving me to deal with the doctor.
-I am afraid to preemptively approach the doctor in case all is ok.
-He sees me pro bono and the meds are only distributed in specialized ares by qualifies mds.
Does it look as tho I'll be coming up with 3-4K even tho the atty premised everything on him sayng he was paying the medical?
I am in MD.
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Make sure your attorney spells out everything in writing, in layman's terms and that he is responsible for all medical bills past present and future. If not, your medical ends the day you sign the papers, and your pain medicine is on you.
I wouldn't release the insurance company. Your figures show the attorney only getting $1050 AND he pays $6K in medical bills. There's a fish somewhere.
It's "redress", not regress incidentally. And, no, once you sign papers, you have no redress.
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What have you signed thus far? I can't tell and that's incredibly important.

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