repair question


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repair question

My neighboor's townhouse abuts mine but his building wall is higher than my roof. His decaying wall is allowing water to seep behind the flashing of my roof causing damage to my interior wall.
My flashing is fine but this decaying wall is porous just above the flashing which is causing the damage.
I have 2 HOAs and wrote to each but neither seems interested in helping. How do I put the appropriate steps in place so this can be resolved legally and professionally without getting into a "mess" that can occur over a situation like this?
Thank you
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Who is responsible for exterior maintenance? Town homes HOAs can differ a lot. If your HOA dues include building maintenance, they are the ones that need to step up and make the repairs. If it's for each individual unit owner - you may need to get a lawyer to force the neighbor to make the repairs.
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Thank you for your tips.
I don't think I will hear from the HOA until Tuesday.
I know we have had to fix our own in the past.
I will have to take it step by step. The neighbor is a sheet rocker but I do not know if can do carpentry or will do the sheetrock. Still waiting to hear from him.

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