Who pays the bill?


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Who pays the bill?

My wife and I put in a new manufactured home after demoing our old mobile home and we decided to go with propane. We were informed by the general contractor that the installation would not cost us. After the installation the propane company wants to bill us for the install, this includes the piping, tanks, and switching appliances over for propane. In arguing with the company they claim we own the tanks. However I know that if the tanks have their name on it we do not own them. We pay for the propane that includes rental of the equipment and service. What am I missing to convince them to drop charge?
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This should all have been dealt with in your original estimates.

If you have nothing in writing from the general contractor then you are on your own as far as he is concerned.
He may have believed it should not cost anything but beliefs are not a contract.
If you didn't make clear arrangements with the propane supplier and the contractor didn't either you will likely have to pay.

What is the propane dealer proposing to charge you?

There is some info that is not clear though.
You included tanks in your list of what the propane dealer supplied but then said the dealer said you own the tanks.
Was the tank hooked up to the trailer?
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Time to look at the contracts and see what they say.

Just because the company logo is on the tanks does not mean you do not own them - my car has a logo on it from the dealer but I own it.
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With our little mobile DJ business, I work with the person who signed the contract with me.

In your case, who order the installation of the work? Someone had to set up the installation & sign a work order. If you did not order the installation & you didn't have an agreement with the contractor do it, then you, on the face, shouldn't be liable (legally) for the cost.

Now again, we do not know all the details of the situation so its hard for us to make anything other than an assumption. But, on the face, if the contractor signed the work order with the propane company for the work to be done, in my line of work, he is the person the propane company should be running down for payment.
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Yes the tanks are hooked up, I am getting a feeling that we are going to have to pay for the work done, I think I handled this matter very poorly. I contracted the work but did not sign anything until the work is done. However I had to sign my homesteader rights away since I no longer have any ownership to the property, my wife has it. So it that a legal contract?
Any way my wife looked into another company, they will switchus for free. However she did not ask what if we need the change over fromnatural gas, and some additional black iron to complete the system if we started form scratch. So I will call them Monday to find out.
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