Furnace service contract...?


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Furnace service contract...?

My mother has a service contract through "a company" (in PA) for her natural gas furnace (boiler, not hot air). She has the "silver plan" as seen "link removed" which she is paying $244 a year for (and paid in Nov).

A few weeks ago there was no heat so she called. They came and replaced the blower motor (a part listed on the website as covered). They then sent a bill for about $2100 which included a 1,300 blower motor and 500 in labor (plus additional parts that were about 300). When I emailed to inquire they told me to call. When I called they told me it was a special blower motor and wasn't covered. Also the labor wasn't covered because the part wasn't covered, although it is still less than 1/3hp as listed.

To say something isn't covered because it's more expensive than they thought it would be seems off to me. We believe it should be covered by the "service contract" and they do not.

Any thoughts? Mom is looking to track down any paperwork she has on this, but isn't sure there is much around.
When I asked them where it said that this wasn't covered or was a different kind of blower motor than what they covered they said it probably didn't specifically say it wasn't covered, "but why would a $250 service contract cover a $1,300 part".

Thanks for your insights!

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$1300 for the induced draft blower assembly is absurd. Probably doesn't cost $500 wholesale and maybe less than $250. Even the $500 labor charge is exorbitant. If your mother cannot find her copy of the signed service agreement have the company send you a copy of the original signed by your mother. Do NOT accept any copy that does not have her signature as they may have changed the terms.

Read carefully the small print and see if there is any exclusions, if not then call the company and tell them to cancel the bill or the next call will be to your lawyer.

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