Falsified Bill of Sale


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Falsified Bill of Sale

I recently bought a used motorcycle that was advertised as a 2007. I just found out last night that it is actually a 2004. I notified the seller but have not yet heard back from him. If for some reason he does not return my calls, is there any legal action I can take to get my money back? I don't want to return the bike, I simply want the difference in blue book between the 2007 and 2004 ($350).
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You mean it didn't have a title?

Normally that's a pretty serious thing, the false bill of sale I mean. At least it is from a dealer, not sure about private party. Might want to call the State Consumer Affairs (normally in the AG office).

I would imagine small claims court would be your only recourse to get any money.
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It's an OHV, so it doesn't come with a title when purchased new, just a certificate of origin. However, the seller (private party) didn't have the certificate, owner's manual, nothing. I'm hoping he cooperates and just sends me the money.
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If you check with the legal authority having jurisdiction over the sale (may be your police or his police) to determine if this is a criminal action or a civil action it will determine whether you have to pursue this or whether the police will pursue it. Or, if it is a police issue, it may give you more leverage in recovering your money.

The "however" is, was it his to sell. If he sold you someone else's bike, you might be out all of the money and the bike, left with civil court as your only option.

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Falsified Bill of Sale
But there was no bill of sale so it was false advertising ?
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Him and I signed a bill of sale, but he did not have a bill of sale from when he bought it. Doesn't matter now anyway. I talked with him and he agreed to send me some money.

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