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What is the process for copyrighting an old family manuscript 100 years old that has about 7 handtyped copies in existence..??Some of the copies would be with people who I have never met but would be relatives technically....I had my copy hardbound at a bookmaker..its about 100 pages long..
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Pretty sure you can't copyright something unless you or you and others as a group produced it. Perhaps if you explained what your "manuscript" consists of, there will be a better answer. If it was completely written by a family member who has been dead for 75 yrs, unlikely it can be copywrited at all, from what I've read.

If you think it's something that someone else could take and turn into a best seller or blockbuster movie, you probably don't even need copyright, since the age of the manuscript and multiple copies held exclusively by family members would be proof enough that the storyline was based on it.
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I suspect that if copies exist and are distributed, then it's public domain and not copy-writable. Even if all known copies were to be given to one person you would need to prove no other copies exist. (tough to prove a negative). However, if the estate is still a legal entity then perhaps it can be done.

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