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Want to get out of co hab agreement with girlfriend

Want to get out of co hab agreement with girlfriend


Old 08-21-14, 05:41 AM
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Want to get out of co hab agreement with girlfriend

I think I have posted this previously but its gone.
Me the the GF bought a house 3 years ago.
She is on the mortgage and I am on the deed. We did this because I was refinancing my previous house and in case someone got hurt at my rental they couldnt sue for the house we own together.

We wrote a contract that stipulates if we split up we either buy the other out or sell the house and split the sale profit (if any) by what we each put in. She actually put in more.

Im at a point where I want out of the relationship BADLY and just want advice on where I woulds start this procedure.

The contract was written up by the lawyer who handled the sale (I have emails proving this) and notarized by the agent who was also an employee of the lawyer at the time.
They were all acquaintances of hers.

She outright says if I leave she wont pay me a dime. Then it turns into a fight where Ill just stay and make her pay to evict me until I get what I put in that way.

I seriously just want to walk into court, present the contract and settle this as stated in the paperwork.
Where do I start? Do I see a divorce lawyer? A civil lawyer? I have no idea. I dont even mind paying the lawyer a percent of what I get back from her as long as Im not walking away with nothing and just "giving" it to her.
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Old 08-21-14, 05:58 AM
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I would start with how much do you have in the house? Not necessarily a dollar amount but is this a large enough sum to have walking away from it not be an option?

If you want to talk to one, I would look for a real estate attorney.
Old 08-21-14, 10:55 AM
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at least 20K. money I could use on a down payment for my own or another rental
Old 08-21-14, 11:05 AM
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You are going to need an attorney, but I would think contract law would be more appropriate?
Old 08-21-14, 11:27 AM
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A lot of lawyers have free consultation or a small fee (like $100) for a consultation.
Seems worth at least that if you're talking 20,000. That's your best bet. We can really only guess.
Do you have a copy of the contract? If so, I'd think that would hold up in court.
Old 08-21-14, 11:59 AM
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copy lol of course.

first day I gave my original copy to my friend to keep in his safe dep box.
Wasnt keeping it anywhere near the actual house in case.
I dont mind doing a consult with the lawyer but I just want to know what lawyer to look towards. I remember I had a suit a while ago against a car dealership for forging my sigs on documents (this was an EX) and it was hell finding the right lawyer just to even consult with.
Old 08-21-14, 12:15 PM
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It might be because I live near small towns but around here it's customary for a lawyer to refer you to the correct type of lawyer. They usually do this on the phone but I have made an appointment and after a 5 minute discussion have the lawyer say 'that's not my field you should go see so and so' with no fee being paid to the 1st lawyer.
Old 08-21-14, 10:32 PM
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Maybe looking for a law firm that wears many hats so to speak would be what you need. There are many law firms out there that handle divorces and contracts as well as other matters with each lawyer specializing in a certain field. There are many lawyer referral services listed after doing a Google search and I am sure one of those might be able to help. I am not familiar with any of them so I am afraid I can't help you much further. I wish you good luck.

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