Texas Divorce Final Decree Preparation


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Texas Divorce Final Decree Preparation


I have filed for the no-fault divorce. We don't have any children that are under 18. We agree on how the property is to be split. So, rather than involving lawyers we are doing it ourselves using divorce forms from Divorce Without Children in Texas SET A | Texas Law Help website. All is done except we are now preparing the final divorce decree using this form Texas Law Help, Final Divorce Decree.

I have some technical question - Space provided for some of the text is small, and we will most certainly will require additional space possibly additional extra page.

Has anybody used these forms or have an experience using them? Can someone give me advice on how to add more text to the field where the space provided is not enough or how to attach extra page and reference that back on the form?
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I have no specific experience with a divorce in Texas but in general ALL legal forms allow you to attach additional pages to fully explain a response.

You need to title the extra page with the date as well as the page/question number and both parties will need to add their initials (or perhaps full signatures) and the date initialed or signed. Generally they do not need to be notarized but doing so would not invalidate them.

While you probably could include several questions/responses on a single page, using a single page per question or response would make it easier for the court clerk and may buy you some points.

The additional pages would be added after the original forms, in the order that the original questions or response boxes are on the original forms.
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Furd is correct. You need to reference any additional paper work on the original form.
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Thanks Furd,

That's what I thought too but wasn't sure.

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