Legal Advice needed


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Legal Advice needed

First, the backstory. My SIL was walking down the street and was hit by a car. Much hospitalization, and court proceedings, and he was awarded a nice settlement.

At this point in time, the settlement is nearly 2 years past due. The insurance company is dragging their feet and the courts won't do anything because (and here is where the advice will come in) the original lawyer has dropped off the face of the earth and the idea is that neither the courts nor the insurance company will do a thing without legal representation. Add to this the fact that they don't have a spare dollar for any kind of retainer.

What can they do?
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There is a settlement in place, signed and filed and everything? If so, it sounds like it's time to hire a collection attorney.
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This is the problem, there is no money for hiring another lawyer. Most want a retainer. Would a lawyer work pro-bono or perhaps with the idea of getting their fees at the end, out of the paid settlement?
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There are lawyers that will wait for the payment so that might be an option. Many give the first consultation free so it wouldn't hurt to call a firm or two and ask. Let them know upfront what is going on.
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Call several lawyer's and ask them. Try to get referrals first.

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