Lying to your doctor


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Lying to your doctor

I am in a bad situation. I had lied to my doctor about losing consciousness so I can get a doctors note for work because I woke up 4 hours late. When I had told my doctor this, she said that she needed to report it to the DMV so I couldn't drive until the problem as to why I lost consciousness was treated. This led to a domino effect. I told her that it was dehydration and she still wanted me to check into urgent care. So I went to the emergency room and they found nothing wrong with me, they just told me to drink more fluids. I do have a problem with deydration, but never lost consciousness as a result from it. It was a snowball effect all because I wanted a doctor's note for work. I had told her that I lied about passing out because I wanted a doctors note. What can happen as a result from this? Can she sue me?
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What is your job? Are you a aircraft pilot or commercial driver or any occupation that requires a medical certificate?
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None of that. I simply process internal medical claims. I just drive to and from work like everyone else. No medical certificate.
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All because I wanted a doctors note and now my doctor is telling the DMV that I have what's called "lapse of consciousness". Here is the article on the DMV site.
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Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive...

Can she sue me?
Anybody can sue anyone for any reason. Whether or not they prevail in court is another matter.

Personally, I think that lying to your doctor is about the stupidest thing a person could ever do. But now you have done so and telling the truth now won't erase the past. I suspect you will have to go through a battery of testing to prove that you do not have some underlying medical condition that makes you subject to losing consciousness. It will be time consuming and probably expensive. I wish you well.
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I think the question is why would the doctor sue you? I can't see a reason I would do so if I were in her shoes.

I am concerned about the way you are phrasing things, as it makes me think you are potentially a hazard on the road and that is not something I am willing to tolerate.
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I doubt anyone would want to sue you over it but your employer might not be too happy if they find out!
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I actually have no points on my driving record (been driving for 15 years). Anyhow, I told my doctor the truth about making up the story about losing consciousness to get a doctor's note. My boss is very scary and fires people in a heartbeat, but that was no excuse for me to lie, and I realize that. My doctor (who has a heart of GOLD) told me that I should have told the truth in the first place and that it's ok and it's all taken care of.
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The one that may seek to recover these related costs is your insurance company. Since there was nothing wrong from the start they may feel you should pay all bills yourself.

Time will tell.

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I doubt your doctor will sue you and your doctor except in very extreme cases like threatening someones life can't speak about what you said. If she does give out confidential information it is you who could sue her since it is not a matter of life or death. That being said for the most part it is better to be honest with your doctor and not lie about your medical condition.
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I would be more concerned with the effect it may have on your current and future employment prospects. People usually don't get fired 'in a heartbeat''s usually for cause e.g. stealing or after repeat minor offenses or poor job performance. There are laws that protect workers who get fired for no reason.
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So what was the real reason you were 4 hours late for work ?
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because I woke up 4 hours late
Of course there is always the reason behind waking up late
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I wouldn't even consider the doctor might sue you. I think most doctors are used to people lying to them and are good at figuring out the real reason you visited.
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It's been my experience, the reason people are consistently late for work is because they've had one too many, too many times. Unless they're in a really strong union, they're usually fired eventually. I know I wouldn't put up with it.
I'm guessing this is not the first time for the OP, which is why they wanted a doctor's note.

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