Tax programs


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Tax programs

Has anybody used Credit Karma to do their taxes? I understand it's totally free regardless of which form is used (both Fed and State). How secure is it and how easy is it to use? For the past twenty years I've used TaxAct but their prices have risen and it seems harder to use each year. Opinions welcome.
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Credit Karma acquired tax software company AFJC in late 2016 and provided tax preparation under the Credit Karma brand in 2017 (2016 returns) for the first time. Last year they had substantial issues. While those issues were probably resolved successfully I'd be concerned by their lack of quality control and business decision to release a product so quickly. Bottom line, they may be excellent but I'd wait to find out for certain before going with them.

Beyond that, though, you mention security and I'm concerned about that. Credit Karma's credit business is to provide free information. They make their money by selling financial products like credit cards and auto loans to their customers. I'm concerned about how they expect to monetize their tax preparation.

Since it's free, though, if you're considering them I strongly suggest using them and TaxAct for 2017 returns to see how they compare.

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I too use TaxAct and yes they are getting pricey but with all the thieves hacking everything I am not ready to post all my information to any website even though it's free. The IRS also has free tax prep. options but again your putting everything out on the web. I will continue to use the software that I can download directly to my computer and keep my information there also. I might note that I put copies of my finished taxes on CD and print hard copies then clear the forms on the software. Nothing is 100% but free is not always free if your stuff falls into the wrong hands which could lead to costing a whole lot more in the end.
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I use turbo tax but it's about $100.00 for the home and business version.
You might want to search for VITA in your area. If you are a senior, there are people that will prepare your taxes for free.
I did it for Military and Senior Citizens.
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance. The IRS trains the volunteers.
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I've been using the H & R Block software for close to 15 years.

I agree 100%, the world is becoming too complacent and thieves are getting too good. I will NEVER allow anything of mine to reside on the "cloud".

It's not a question of if, but when it gets hacked!
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I do exactly the same thing!

I may take it to a pro this year. However each year I say that, so I gather all my records and put them in order. Then I say to myself, I did all the work, now it's just a matter of filling in the blanks.
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Heck, mine is so simple now, I'm almost ready to just do them by hand. If it weren't for the long delay with Federal, I probably would. I had to mail my State most of the last few years because I refused to pay the State fee that most of the programs required and I still got it in about 2 weeks. I'm guessing that the actual humans have less work to do, so simple personal returns probably go through pretty quick.

I have always used Taxcut (H&R Block) til now, but last year it seemed remarkably difficult. Perhaps it was just me and adjusting to all the "Save online" "Print a copy for $10" "Import Data" "Return to last years" yadda yadda stuff I kept getting, but I won't be using them this year. I have one income, a few investments and won't be itemizing, so I may just go to a service that does simple returns for free. Liberty used to do military, first responders, and retirees for free, but the girl had to ask her boss (in another location) multiple times about the AZ adjustment for military retirees...took her over a week to get it straight.

This year it may be even more confusing with all the Fed and State changes I keep reading about.

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