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Default Judgement Business

I was involved in a business in 2011 to 2012 with a partner. The partner borrowed money from a friend. The partner left the company in 2012. I closed that company and opened a new one to protect myself from him having any access.

His friend sued the old company for the money and received a default judgement. He then pursued the new company as a successor company and now for the last 4 years I have been fighting this insanity.

My question is, can I go back and get the original default judgement vacated? If I do will it then help me in the current suit since it was that judgement that allowed them to go forward with the successor lawsuit?

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Why is your current Company considered the "successor" to the original concern ?
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The companies do the almost the exact same thing just without the services the ex-partner brought.

We have some of the same patients. I had to keep it in the same location for several months until we could get out.

It has the same phone number.

The employees were different because most either left or they were fired when the ex-partner left.

But he made the case nothing changed but the name and we did that to hide from the obligation. I had a bad lawyer also.

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