Code Enforcement in California


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Code Enforcement in California

Has anyone had experiences with ca.code enforcement officers that you have never felt right about.? But you paid for fines anyway thinking that if they say so it must be? Tell me your story. Please. This is out of hand.
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I think you need to inform us of what your problem is first. We need details to give our opinion of what your dilemma is.

Many times what we think might be overkill on enforcement issues, stems from some idiot doing something that puts him/herself or others in jeopardy. And as a result a new rule comes out to help prevent the same thing. The mods will be quick to admonish anybody who advises against codes.

Also keep in mind this is a DYS forum and fixing things is the main focus. But we will discuss non-diy issues as a distraction from the day to day stuff. It's usually on the lighter side but can be serious also.
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This isn't a site for blogging or surveys of any kind. If you have a problem, please post the details and we can try to help with YOUR issue.

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