Suit by collection company


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Suit by collection company

A few years ago i got credit cards , then lost my job and also my father, I had to take lower paying job so I could help take daily care of mom. Soon fell behind on payments and now I get a letter from court stating I have been sued. What should I do ?
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Welcome to the forums.

Usually you get letters from your creditors. Did you already get them and ignore them ?
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You need to find an attorney....
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Do not disreguard going to court if sued. Will still owe bills but may not get judgement against you maybe but sure to get one if you don't show up.
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I talked to them for a while but was not able ti make a dent in my debt,
depression soon followed and .....
i cant pay a lawyer right now, can i ask court for more time ?
only have like 5 days to respond
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I don't really know anything about them but there are lawyers [agency?] for folks that can't afford them. If I did nothing else I'd at least show up to court so you can state your side of the story, mostly your financial situation and inability to pay.
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You can ask the court for more time but, I dont think I'd show up by myself & ask. Im not trying to be rude, but if the finance company isn't working with you now, they're certainly not going to work with you in court. Their attorney will be there. I'd try to figure out some way to get an attorney by court date.

There are free legal services that you can apply for. I'd be trying to find one & get in there ASAP to talk with them.... before court date. Like tomorrow.
Again, I am not trying to be rude, but with only 5 days until court date........ you need to get it in gear.
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First step is to look for "pro bono attorney".
Most County Attorney's Associations will have a "pro-bono program" which you contact to talk to an attorney, (or sometimes law students interested in practical experience), who represent people for a reduced fee or for free.

Second step is to get organized:
Collect and copy all of your materials; everything from the "you've been sued" letter, to collection letters, and going back to the initial credit card application/agreement and any updates to that account and terms of service.

Third step is to get in touch with the Court, advise them that you're seeking an attorney and ask what the processes is to request a "continuance".

Fourth, getting an initial "letter from Court" advising you of a Court date is a bit unusual. Generally, Court Court papers are "served" by having a Sheriff, Constable, or State Police officer show up at work or home and hand a copy of the paperwork to you, that is called "service of process".
Generally, a mailed notice of a court hearing only occurs AFTER the Sheriff / Constable / State Police have accomplished the ceremonial handing-of-the-paperwork-to-the-accused.

Fifth, MANY states now have websites which allow you to search and see the status of Court cases at Small Claims, County Court, and even State / Appellate Court level. I'd try a quick search of your state's official Courts website and see what background I could find.

Disclaimer - I'm an attorney, but I'm not YOUR attorney. I am licensed by MY state, but not necessarily by YOUR state, so I'm discussing what happens on average across the entire USA, not giving advice on the specifics of your situation.
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