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Question trumeau mirror

I would like to make a " Trumeau" mirror. I am not sure what would be the best wood to use for this project. I was thinking of using 1/2" MDF board, but I think that would make it too heavy once I add the mirror and the mouldings, and I'm also unsure how I would attach this to the wall, seeing that it will be quite heavy. I thought of using 1/4" MDF board...would this work, or will it warp? Also how should I hang it on the wall?
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Trumeau mirror

Trumeau Mirror
Decorating With Style : Episode DWS-837 -- More Projects

Create a mirror with artwork over it by mounting frames on a wood base, then trim the sides and top with molding.


birch plywood
sheet mirror
heavy-duty glue
wood glue
miter box
lip molding
picture frame molding
finishing nails
large wood screws
2 corner crown molding pieces
1 piece of middle crown molding
2" x 4" lumber
heavy-duty hanger


Cut plywood base and sheet mirror to desired size. For the latter, measure mirror glass and mark cutting lines. Hold a straightedge on the line and score it with a glasscutter. Add a drop or two of household oil to the cutting wheel first to keep it moving smoothly. Only score this once--do not go back over the line. Move the mirror to the edge of a table and snap the glass--it should break easily along the scored edge.
Place mirror and artwork in position on the plywood. Use heavy-duty glue to attach both (the frame will keep these in place so gluing is not mandatory).
Cut picture frame molding to frame both the artwork and the mirror (the ends should be mitered). Glue in place and secure with finishing nails (figure A).
For the top, cut a piece of 2" x 4" the width of the plywood base. Secure it to the top from the back two inches of the base with wood glue and large screws. Notch the 2" x 4" some on each end to accommodate the two sides of lip molding (use a band or jigsaw) or cut the side pieces of molding down so the 2 x 4 sits on top of it.
Secure both corner crown molding pieces to the 2" x 4" using glue and finishing nails (figure B). Secure the middle crown molding piece in between the corner pieces with glue and finishing nails. This is slightly recessed and will not match up with the corners.
Countersink all finishing nails and fill with wood putty. Tip: A spring- loaded center punch works well for this (figure C).
Paint or stain the piece as desired. Hang with a heavy-duty hook on the back.

Trumeau Mirror
Decorating With Style : Episode DWS-837. HGTV. Retrieved 22 November 2002.,00.html

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