car window tint removal??

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Hi! I'm selling my Honda 4-door and its tint job has degraded. I'd like to do-the-removal-myself!

If someone has advice I'd love to hear it, especially regarding:

1)masking interior moulded plastic from the ammonia
2)tips on the rear window/heater strip area.

Since the overall tinting has taken on a micro-rippled effect, I've been told a heat gun is not necessary.

Thank you, for any help!
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removing tint



i've been tinting for 9 years now and i know how difficult it can be to remove tint. for the most part, blades can be used on all the windows except ones with defrost lines. i tell people to keep the blades fresh, to avoid scratching the glass, and also to keep the glass lubricated with some soapy water or windex, etc. when you try to scrape them dry it just smears the adhesive and it takes forever.

the back glass is the tough one. you can use a steamer, if you have access to one, or my way, which is a little more old school.

first, mix up a solution of rubbing alcohol, dish soap and water. using a normal sized pump spray bottle, i measure approximately 1 inch of rubbing alcohol, 1/2 inch of dawn dish soap and fill the rest with water.

cover the back deck if you'd like, but i've never had any damage to the fabric or speakers, etc.

place a BLACK garbage bag on the outside of the back glass and cut out the shape of back glass. spray the inside of the glass with your solution and place the garbage bag over the spray. don't squeegie it down, you want there to be pockets of solution on the tint. next, put the car out it the sun.....very important!! the heat of the sun hits the black bag, heats up the solution and chews away at the tint, without chewing away at the window.

check the progress after approximately 10 minutes. usually the color layer will peel off pretty easily now, leaving behind the adhesive. spray and cover again, and check often. when you check, use 0000 steel wool and scrub small areas at a time. if you take the bag completely off, most of the softened adhesive will dry by the time you get to it. just pull a small corner (1'x1'), spray with soapy water (a much less soapy mixture, about 1 good squirt of dish soap and then filled to the top with water), and scrub with the steel wool. keep that up until it's finished.

some cars are easier than others, but this system has worked for me for my tinting career.

(2) spray mixtures
blades - pack of 100 is usually about $6 at home depot
pack of 0000 steel wool
black garbage bag

SUNNY DAY - not necessarily a hot day, but it helps. as long as the inside of the window gets hot, that's all that matters.

you may want to keep the doors open too, because the smell can be pretty strong.

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