Tempered glass vs non tempered for table.


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Tempered glass vs non tempered for table.

i just picked up a beautiful base for a table and Id like to add a glass top and Im not sure what my best options are. Tempered glass gets quite expensive in thicker diameters. The base is circular and Id like a rectangular table so I want either something heavy enough not to move if someone accidentally puts some weight on the corner. OR I think I can glue something to the glass that I can screw into from the base.

This would be a table I eat on so I want resistance to thermal shock. 2/5 in tempered glass is about the same price as 3/4 non tempered.

Is 3/4 non-tempered fairly strong?
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I thought tempering also add strength, so there may be a point when non temp is possible.

I'd suggest calling a couple full service glass shops and see what they have to say!
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Tempered glass

If it was MY table I would be looking into safety glass, Tempered is a good choice, thicker the better for table tops.
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If I understand correctly, tempered glass will shatter into tiny pieces when it breaks. Regular glass will brake into large pieces which can injure you a lot easier. It's all about safety! I also think it's a good idea to talk to the folks at your local glass shop - they can go over the options with you.
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You don't need the tempered glass to be thick. 1/4" tempered would be plenty thick, unless it is spanning some huge distance. You will want to order it with a rounded ground/polished edge.
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Tempered glass is not required for a table top and not necessary in 1/2" to 3/4" thickness. Your problem is put weight at the edge and will it cause it to tip. That depends on how far the glass overhangs on the frame it sits on. Take Marq1 advice and let a glass shop figure it out.
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so I asked a glass shop and they said 10mm (2/5") is the thickest they can get tempered and that a 1.3x1.6m table will weigh about 42kgs (92lbs) and a 19mm (3/4") non tempered glass will be about 80kg (176lbs) the base is circular with 6 supports and a diameter of 1.1m between the supports.

The glass shop did not want to make any guarantees about the table resisting pressures on the corner. They did say that 3/4" is very strong and will tolerate the accidental hot pan but is not as strong as the 2/5" tempered nor as resistant to thermal shock.

Also give or take $20 exactly the same price. If the tempered table would resist movement, I'd rather have that but if the weight (almost double) of the non tempered glass is necessary, that's the more important consideration.
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If I understand it correctly, the most the glass will overhang the base is 10" so I think it's safe to say that the 3/4" glass will be difficult to tip if weight is put on the edge.
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I agree with Xsleeper on this. Go tempered glass. It's safer, stronger and will give you piece of mind. To me there is no choice.

My wife bought 1/4 thick glass (non-tempered) for our occasional dinning table. three pieces to allow for expansion. Two if the pieces hit very lightly while adding the center section. The edge chipped and is very sharp in a shard like regular glass.
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