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I have 2 windows on either side of my front door, I would like to put mirrored window film on these to prevent people from so easily looking into my home. The windows are 11 inches wide and 78 inches tall. does anyone have any tips on how to apply this film?
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Film can make it less easy though residential film which is available at home centers is generally not to useful for privacy puposes. It might be worth taking a trip to a pro tint shop which might stock an obscure film. If their square then precut with a straight edge leaving an 1/8 on the perimeter for expansion and contraction and it leaves room for step 8. If not square then the easist method for a smaller window is to make a template and transfer it to the film. Cut the film with a small snap blade type utility knife. Change the blades often.
1. Purchase a suitable quality window film. IG units require a special film manufactured for IG use.
2 prepare a solution of adhesion liquid in a standard size spray bottle comprosided of water a just a few drops of liquid sink dish detergent. (slightly soapy with a few bubbles).....
3. Spray it on the glass and squeegee the entire area with a new single edge razor.
4. Use a squeege to remove any remaining water.

5 Lay the film on a table and apply a piece of electrical tape to both side of one corner and pull apart gently to start the removal of the release liner with should be on the up side.
6. Soak the window and film with the solution.(Their is no such thing as too much solution so better too wet than too dry)
7. Wash your hands and then Carefully lift the film so it will face the window. Pinch the very top and then lift the middle sort of draped over your other arm and set it on the glass.
8. Spray the solution onto the room side of the film and squeegee the solution thats inside out of the film edges. Wrap the squeege in a paper towel for the last pass which will catch the water at the edges.
9. Keep the work area clean to avoid as much dust as possible however little specs of dust may get caught up in the film. All jobs have a little dust which will be less noticable and the milky appearance will clear up when the solution dries out which takes a few days.

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