OK I'll start it


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OK I'll start it

I got a Garmin C340 for my birthday and I really like it. I have programmed in places I wanted to take my daughter but just didnt want to look up where they are. Now I have them all at my fingertips. I also make a trip to Carlisle PA every year for the GM show and I will now not have to concentrate on the road signs soo much. Also when DINNER comes around no more ordering in Pizza or driving around looking for a place I already got my 3 favorites programmed in there too!!

Lets hear about everyone elses!!!
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I went with a lesser expensive Mio c220, sort of basic, but it has everything loaded. I got it for my work truck so when customers gave me addresses, I could plug them in, hit "route to", and go. It is a sight better than "turn left at the 3rd cow, and right at the 15th fence post". My wife started having to drive into Atlanta for a few weeks, and "borrowed" it. Crap, that was 3 months ago. She called from down there and said one of her tires looked low, so I told her to go to a nearby Sears and have them check it out. She did this and hung up, pulled up Sears in a POI and bam she was there. I had to order me another one (better and badder). I'll probably lose it, too once she sees all the bells and whistles. I also use it when we visit our daughter in Denver. I install it in her vehicle and I'm not intimidated by trying to find things, or better still, find my way back to her house.
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I have a Garmin Nuvi 750 I got for christmas, used it last week for the first time and loved it.

Got stuck out of town and instead of using my cell phone 411 service @ $1.79 per call, my Garmin had everything at my fingertips.

Worth every dime when it comes to peace of mind when being out of your surroundings.
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Well, lost my new one. Has split screen, MP3 player (who needs it?), bigger screen. Wife liked bigger screen.
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I have a Garmin for my truck and like it so much I bought a Garmin Forerunner. That's a heart rate monitor with the GPS.
(So when I have a heart attack from running, someone will be able to find my body!)
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Nuvi 200

I got to play with a C340 last year and liked it.
Then my kid got her new SUV, I got her a Garmin Nuvi 350.
It's a fine piece of nav gear! I really liked it.
She loves the Nuvi and never goes anywhere without it.

But, since I don't drive a lot, I got myself (and also my sister-in-law) a Nuvi 200.

It's the base model without a lot of extras, but it sure does the point-A-to-point-B job for me.

I used to hate driving to places without being able to safely read the map. Now, it's easy.

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