Need help with Garmin 72.


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Red face Need help with Garmin 72.

This thing if baffeling to me.
It does all they say it will do, I'm sure, but I cant figure out a couple things from that absolutly illiterate instruction book.

When press the MOB key to mark a spot (while I'm moving or other wise busy) I would like to go to the MOB spot and rename it as some mark I recognize.
I know there is a 4 character memory cell for each waypoint in there...somewhere, but I cant find it.

Has anyone learned to decode that book?
Made a Bubble flow that would be much simpler?
Garmin dont answer any emails on the unit.
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I have a Garmin 76cs which should be similar to yours.

If after you make an MOB waypoint the easiest way to get to the waypoint list is to press "Find".
From there select "Waypoints" then select "MOB".
When you select it you will get the details of the waypoint which should have "GO TO" highlighted.

Scroll to the top where you see "MOB" press "Enter on the GPS and an alpha/numeric keypad should appear.
Fill in what you want to call it and press "OK" then "Enter".
You can also replace the diver symbol with one more appropriate for your waypoint.

The manual may not make sense but if you spend time trying things it will become easier.
I found that installing a vehicle bracket and fiddling with it on long trips gives you the needed hours of practice.
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Thanks Greg

Our lives got hectic all of a sudden and I've not been able to fool with that thing.
I copied your directions. I think I'll make a Bubble flow chart of all the things I know how to do.
Then I'll Email that to Garmin along with the appropiate insults for their part in the prize winning inept booklet.
Maybe they'll see the bubble chart as an improvment on their excursion into coded Psychodelics.

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