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I manage a materials recovery facility designed to extract and recover materials found within construction and demolition debris collected locally and as far away as Staten Is,NY. The facility is capable of recovering 150 tons per hour of reusable material from within debris normally destined for disposal in a landfill. Our recovery rate averages 90%+ monthly. It is an excellent way to save valuable resources, limited landfill space and protect our future environment. I hope this new forum is successful in guiding interested and caring individuals to "do the right thing" by recycling. In the beginning it doesn't matter how much recycling you do - just that you get started now!
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Newspapers, the black/white sections, can be taken to any thrift store where they use them to wrap fragile and glass items sold there. Plastic and paper bags can also be taken to the thrift stores. They really appreciate getting the paper and bags. The paper wrap around copy/print paper can also be used for wrapping fragile items, but ask them first if they want the paper wraps. They do work well for that purpose.

We take the plastic air pillows or packing peanuts that come with orders delivered to our house to the local UPS store where they reuse them.

Plastic canisters are reused for Christmas gifts such as cookies, popcorn, nuts, etc.

Old towels and wash cloths are cut up for cleaning rags. No need for paper towels.

Grass clippings go into the flower garden for mulch.

We wash and reuse plastic bags. Otherwise, torn or ripped bags are taken to local grocery stores where they have a recycling bin.

Torn and worn out T-shirts are cut up and used in the garage for cleaning rags.

When digging up unwanted flowers, put them in boxes or bags, and then place them at the end of your driveway with a FREE sign on them. They will disappear really fast. Same goes for any unwanted items. Everyone loves something FREE. We put out a rusty but usable stove for a garage, plants, furniture, computer desks, flower pots, books, etc at the end of our driveway and they were all gone within an hour or by the next day. Try it. It's the best way to recycle your stuff. Your trash is someone else's gold.
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I've seen items with a FREE sign on them sit at the end of a driveway for a week or more. If you really want to get rid of it put a price on the sign and it will be gone the next day.

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