Drano and laundry detergent


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Drano and laundry detergent

I used Drano Max Gel on basement drain. Because drain cover had stuff in it, Drano did not all go down and when water poured on top some of the Drano that was mixed with water came up onto the basement floor. I removed the drain cover and everything started draining fine. Thankfully the pipe is draining but I am worried about the Drano Max Gel residue on the Painted concrete floor. If I do laundry using All Free and Clear laundry detergent and if any laundry detergent mixes with the Drano Max Gel residue can toxic fumes be created?
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Rinse any Drano away with water. Flush the floor drain.
I doubt the laundry soap will mix with the Drano to form any gas but once you've flushed the drain you'll be fine.
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Clean up what you can and thoroughly rinse the area and the drain with water and you should be fine as PJmax mentioned. The chemicals in that drain cleaner are highly soluble in water so water does a great job diluting it and washing it away. The big thing is to not allow ammonia to come in contact with the drain cleaner. Things like chlorine bleach and laundry detergent should be OK though.
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The chemicals in that drain cleaner are highly soluble in water so water does a great job diluting it and washing it away.
This is a key statement. And proof that drain cleaners are not a good thing to use.
Think of it this way...If you have standing water in a sink, and pour a drain cleaner in, if and when it reaches the clog, it's diluted and won't work. If you have a slow running drain and you pour drain cleaner in, it flows past the clog and becomes ineffective. Conclusion is that drain cleaners are a waste of money, and extremely harmful to the water table that we drink. The only way to clear a clog is to snake it! In my opinion all drain cleaners should be banned! To hell with the plastic bag problem, this is more important.

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