Keeping a ceramic steel tub cleaner longer?

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Keeping a ceramic steel tub cleaner longer?

My new studio apartment has a ceramic steel tub that was filthy when I moved in. I cleaned it with a 50-50 mix of Dawn and white vinegar that seemed to work, but looks to of been just a temp solution. Tub ring is back after every bath, so I have to clean it every day, and this is getting old fast. Obviously I'm doing something wrong. I'm hoping for ideas on how to effectively clean it, and keep it clean longer.
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Sounds like you might want to use a daily product like Dow Scrubbing Bubbles Daily Shower cleaner. Start with a clean tub, so use Comet or Zud or Bon Ami, then after you drain the tub rinse with a cup of clean water and just spritz it on after every use.

You will still need to scrub it periodically but hopefully less often.
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Unfortunately there is no tub that magically stays clean on it's own. A soap scum ring will be deposited every time you bath, especially if you use lotions or oils. Luckily it just needs a quick cleaning of the ring after each use and you can save the whole tub for the weekly cleaning.

I think the 50% dawn is very excessive. Try only using a small squirt of soap with the vinegar. Soap is a base and vinegar is an acid. When you mix them in almost equal quantities they cancel (neutralize) each other out. If you use a minimal amount of soap you get soaps surfactant cleaning power but not enough to neutralize the acid's cleaning power of the vinegar.

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