insulating a greenhouse


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insulating a greenhouse

I have a poly type galv frame greenhouse around 24x12. Im looking to heat it mildly to overwinter some plants. Any ideas on insulation ? Thanks-Josh
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Insulating a greenhouse

If using an electric heater, make sure it has a temperature control so it automatically turns on and off. Make sure your greenhouse is 'tight' -- no cracks around doors, vents, parameter around the balcony, etc. A small leak will let a lot of heat escape. During winter, you can line the inside of your greenhouse with 4-mil polyethylene film. Double layer is better and can reduce heat loss up to 40%.

Other things to save heating costs:

Keep greenhouse cool at night - don't heat above 50 degrees. Grow plants with low temperature requirements or short growing season. For germinating seed (must maintain 70 degrees) build a small propagating bench with cover to keep warm. Solar heat storage -- add water filled dark drums or other material to capture and store heat during the day and release it at night.

Economically Heating (& Insulating) the Greenhouse. Charley's Greenhouse. Retrieved 08 October 2002.

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