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Climate Control

my sunroom is part of my kitchen. there is no seperation and it looks like one big room. i do have a problem with the sunroom during the summer and winter. i do have baseboard heat in the sunroom, but when the temps get down into the 30's and less, the heat really struggles. consequently, it makes the rest of the house cold. i would appreciate any input to try and keep the sunroom area warmer during the winter.

p.s. any ideas for the summer will be appreciated also.

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You are fighting a battle that you are simply NOT going to win. A sunroom, or patio room has a lot of glass, and glass is a very poor insulator.

You could 'improve' the situation by changing all of the glass to low-E or low-E squared glass, if the windows are dual panes. This would reduce heat transfer through the glass.

I have put up about 1,000 of these rooms, and I NEVER install them as a part of the conditioned living space of the house -- for EXACTLY the reasons that you are describing -- too hard to heat in the winter and cool in the summer. Never have; never will. If the customer INSISTS that this is what they want, I simply give them the names of my competitors. I WILL NOT DO THE JOB!!

The best solution would be to wall off the sunroom from the kitchen, putting a 6', 8', or even a 9' or 10' slider in that wall, and insulating the wall. Just make sure the slider has low-E or low-E squared glass.

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