Designing a shed for future move


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Designing a shed for future move

I'll be building a shed from scratch later this year. The only thing is that there is a chance I will want to move it many years down the road (if I ever get the money and inclination to build a really large, permanent woodshop, thereby freeing my garage). I wouldn't need to move it too far, just about 100 feet to the other side of the back yard. I've heard of people moving sheds on large PVC pipes as rollers and figured if it ever came down to it, I'd do the same. But does anyone know of anything I could do now, in the construction stage, that would make that fateful day go much, much easier? I was thinking of building a 12' x 20' shed, gambrel roof or gable I haven't yet decided. I imagine I'd probably have to put some runners under the floor joists, like some 6" x 6" timbers. Any other advice would be much appreciated.
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Nothing special I can think of. Just be aware that you are thinking about using PVC or ABS pipe as rollers to move the shed later. The more joists you put under the shed, the better it will survive the move.
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Check your local codes before you get too far into this project.... Our local Building Inspector started enforcing a previously obscure section of code last year; any shed larger than 120 sq. ft. must now have a concrete foundation. There's lots of arguing going on about this, but he swears it's BOCA code.
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HD_RIDER brings up a really good point. He's talking about BOCA codes, and I have no idea what that has to say about sheds. But I do know that under the UBC, any shed larger than 120 sq. ft. has to have a bldg. permit, and the only way that it will get approved is if it's on a permanent foundation. Keep it under 120 sq. ft., bldg. permits aren't necessary, and you can do pretty much whatever you want. (Just remember though, it's going to be in your back yard, and your significant other will be looking at it daily. If it's too ugly, you'll be hearing about it EVERYDAY!!!)

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