Scale on my Ficus trees


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Scale on my Ficus trees

I have some mature ficus tree indoors. They seem to keep getting scale no matter how I treat them. If I cut them back to stumps, treat the stumps and soil in the pots, and let them start over, will that do the trick?
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Killed 'em.

I just took them outside and let them rest in the beds. I hear they may even grow like perennials around here.
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Scale is difficult to get rid of. You can use a hot pepper spray, neem oil or Brand X. Be careful using them since they can burn the leaves if used too often. I generally dillute to a weaker mix than they recommend and do not spray more than once every two weeks.

I've had good luck with a slightly weak mix of malathion with a tiny bit of dish soap or Brand X. A plain insecticide or malathion does not work without the soap. The shell of the scale seems to keep your sprays from reaching the bug. The soap or Brand X seems to break the surface tension so your spray can creep under their shell.

Scale lays eggs and has several growth stages so you will have to spray every two weeks for about 6 weeks to kill all of them.

Do not go too crazy trying to kill the scale. Often your treatment can do more harm than the bugs, so take your time and use weak concentrations in your spray.

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