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my 12' pvc corrugated roof is leaking like crazy

my 12' pvc corrugated roof is leaking like crazy


Old 09-28-04, 08:18 PM
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my 12' pvc corrugated roof is leaking like crazy

on a 12x12 shed I've laid 12' pvc roofing across the top (flat). It doesn't sag since I have a 2x6 down the middle for support.

even though I overlapped a couple ridges between panels, with the recent strong rain the water's been pouring in

any ideas on how to seal the gaps between where the panels come together (and are letting the water in)?

PS I'm looking for a cheap way to do this since I've already sunk hundreds of dollars into this failed endeavor
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Old 09-28-04, 09:45 PM
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You need a pitch in the roof so that the water will run off!! with a 12' X 12' roof, you build one wall about a foot higher than the other -- there's your pitch -- then lay the panels from the high wall to the low one.
Old 09-29-04, 02:02 PM
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IF you get snow and I believe you said you did it will add quite a bit of weight to the roof. As lefty says you need a pitch to get water to run off. In snow country a steep pitch will make it sluff off by itself. Without snow load I recommend a min. 2 in 12 pitch. Pvc is very weak and wont last long in the sun. The suntuf stuff will last longer (maybe twice) and you need blocking 2' o.c. to support it. As someone said corrugated steel with the clear panels every 6' or? would be better. When putting the panels on lay a bead of silicone on the top of the overlap ridge to keep water from wicking up, and rusting of the corrugated. Having a good plan from the start saves time and money.
Old 09-29-04, 02:25 PM
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corrugated steel could be the "lightning in a bottle" that I need

wow, with that I wouldn't have to add height to one side of my roof (since my flat roof is already at the county's 8.5' limit),

ok, so I don't get the sun streaming in, I'll just run an overhead light,

I'm gonna try it but I have the feeling 7 of those panels are gonna cost me an arm and a leg

Thanks for the tips guys,

Old 09-30-04, 08:41 AM
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Sorry, Michael

When you said "flat roof", I guess we all thought you meant a roof without a ridge, not something with zero slope. Hope you can save some of the materials and reuse them, but you definitely need to put a slope on that shed roof.

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