Shed doors....


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Shed doors....

Hello...I have just finished building a large shed and I am now stuck on the contruction of the doors. I have a 6' wide opening with a 7'3" height. This whole building thing is new to me so any ideas, pictures and comments would be most appreciated. Thanks!
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Hey why not get some retrofit french doors? The easiest door arrangment would be getting 2 used solid core (exterior), 3' wide and putting hinges on them and attaching them to yourjamb posts (assuming you have 2 by 4 or 6" jambs). Getting them to align and be plumb and level is the trick. Other than that you can do a 2 by 4 layed on edge around the perimeter with a diagonal from corner to corner (angle cut to fit in tight) and then a ply skin over it, screwed in. Attaching with gate hinges (opposing triangles) on the outside (not theft proof), or normal hinges (hidden).
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JOESMILEY is doing well with french doors UNTIL he gets to the height -- 7'-3". That just blew the budget for the shed!!

WHY 87"?? What was the matter with 80"?? Reframe the opening so that a STANDARD 80" door (like every door in your house) can be used. If that's a problem, the OTHER standard is a 96" door. Taller means it will cost a bit more, but a 96" door is going to cost LESS than an 87" tall door!!!!
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Ahh, but it is too easy to lower the height to the 6' 8" standard. The hard part would be to move the header (assuming there is one) up.

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