Sound attenuation for a garden shed


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Sound attenuation for a garden shed

Hi all

Im new to this forum. Wondering if anyone in the know would mind reading the following stuff about my plans for a 20ft by 10ft shed in my garden, and then tell me whether im crazy, or if it might just work...

Im wanting to turn the shed in to practice / rehearsal space for drummers and bands. Ive done a lot of research in to specialist materials, and all the sound stats for such kit are readily available, but Im wondering if anyone has any advice and experience of doing this sort of thing on a budget.

Its a residential area so if I spend loads of money on it and then cant let people use it anyway due to complaints, it would be a real shame.
The shed is a wooden construction with a cement floor and felt roof. A very rough explanation of what I think the general construction would be:

2 layers of 12mm plasterboard on the shed walls, with 5mm rubber mat fixed to it on the exposed face.

Insulation of some sort (1 inch?) fixed to that.

Then the interior shell - made again from 2 layers of plasterboard, with 5mm rubber mat fixed to both sides. Positioned leaving a 1 inch gap all the way round between itself and the insulation.

The ceiling would be a similar construction, and the floor would be just a 'false' floor with insulation in the cavity.

Then finally carpet all round on every surface.

From what Ive read my understanding is that if I built the above well, I could expect a sound attenuation figure of maybe 32 to 38 db.

I would really apreciate any general advice and shared experience. Also, my specific questions are:

Do people think that the figure Ive quoted (32 - 38db) is realistic for the construction outlined above?
Would a sound attenuation of that magnitude be likely to reduce the noise of an enthusiastic drummer in a residential area (other stone built houses within 60ft on each side) to an acceptable level?

Ive seen specialist kit used in place of the 'rubber mat' that ive suggested, given an attenuation value of 58db when used in conjunction with the construction type above. Unfortunately, it costs an absolute packet...

Well. That'll do. Thanks for reading. If anyone has anything to suggest / comment, Id be greatful.
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I've heard a lot of garage bands and they are noisy. Just having a structure that can be closed (windows and doors) drops sound levels a lot. When I used to play as a kid many places had tapestries or carpet hanging a few inches from the interior wall as a sound dampener. It is the cheap way to go including ceiling. Eggcrate foam is used in studio's I believe but searching out local recording studio's should be helpfull.

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