Sunroom windows fogged and leaking


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Sunroom windows fogged and leaking

I have a sunroom that is about 20 years old., extruded Al frame, double paned glass. Many of the window seals have broken so the windows are fogged. Also, rain leaks through the joints. I'm trying to decide if its worth replacing individual glass panes and seals or just replace the whole glass/frame structure. Any advice out there on how successfully and reliably one can replace glass? Are flass sizes standards, will replaced seal between frame and glass be reliable? Can I do this myself?
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Dealing with the frame leaks first -- make sure all of the weep holes are clear. You should find weep holes along the outside of the bottom track -- probably about every 2'. There should be weep holes in the bottom track of each window frame, near each corner. After that, make sure all of the joints where the wall panels go into the AL frame are properly caulked. A couple tubes of silicon, AFTER you clean out the old caulking, should do fine.

The window IG units -- no they aren't a 'standard' size. Every one is made to order. (You probably have many that will be the same size, or at least only 2 or 3 different sizes.) Best bet is to take them to a glass shop and let those guys measure and order them for you. You'll need a count on just how many of which size you need. It'll take about a week to get the IG units. Replacing them is certainly a DIY thing, expecially in sunroom / patio room windows. One screw out of the upper left corner and one out of the lower right corner, and the frame can be removed from the IG unit.

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