Where to get double doors for my shed


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Where to get double doors for my shed

I'm building a 10'x12' toolshed and things are moving along pretty well. I've just about framed most of my roof and am currently trying to figure out where to get double doors for my 4' rough opening. I just assumed that two 24" (probably more like 23 and change) exterior doors would be stock items at any home depot. Well I've checked on where I live in NY and it's not the case. This size is not even in the catalog and would have to be custom made. Obviously I don't want to spend a mint on exterior shed doors. I know that I could make them myself. However, I want it to look good and would prefer to buy if I could. Anybody have any suggestions on building or buying? Thanks in advance.
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OOPPS!! "I just assumed that two 24" exterior doors..." Obviously you assumed wrong. ;-)) (You're NOT the first one who's done THAT!!)

Possible cures --

Any way to make the opening large enough for a 5' , 5-1/2', or 6' wide set of doors (check with HD first and see what's available) so an in-stock set of doors will work? (This would be my first choice.)

Shrink the opening and settle for a 3' wide door (but that probably will mess up what you had planned, and why you were going to use a 4' door in the first place).

Get an 'in-stock' set of pre-hung 5-1/2' or 6' doors and rework them (the doors and the jamb) to fit your opening. As long as there are no windows in the doors, this will be less expensive than special ordering 4' doors. But solid dbl. doors are probably a special order item anyway. Talk to HD and explore your options.

Or, buy the parts 'off the shelf' and make them yourself.

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