Sunroom on the north = shaderoom???


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Sunroom on the north = shaderoom???

I am in the process of building a house. The plans would lend themselves well to a sunroom on what would happen to be the north wall. (The house plans work the best situated the way they are, and the north wall is the only one suitable for a sunroom.) Is this a good idea? Bad idea? I know I'd be limited in what plants I could grow in there. Living in missouri, I have slightly cold winters to think about. Any advice on window technology, not to do it at all, special heating arrangements, etc would be great. Thanks!
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You can compensate for the northern exposure by using glass panels in the roof. What type of glass panels and how they are installed depends on how you'll be constructing the room. Post a link that shows what you are planning on using for the room, and we'll go from there.
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Oops, forgot to mention that it's a two story house. Without skylights getting a fair ammount of sun, am I going to end up with a horibly cold room? Should I reconsider having a sunroom at all? I was planning on a shed roof that sloped tward the north. In the winter, with as low as the sun is at my longitude, I doubt any sun would make it in through the roof. I was origionally planning on narrow tall windows like the CW15's here They're the 2'4" by 4'11"

and skylights perhaps like this:

I'm talking myself out of this sunroom as we go...

PS, I sure wish vB code was turned on.

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I would reconsider. You could sink a lot of money into a room you would rarely use. Sunrooms are also more prone to condensation (due to amount of glass) and inadequate sunlight could lead to moisture-related problems. If you need the space, consider a room addition, which will cost a little more but you would get more use out of it.

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