dry deck systems


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dry deck systems

We are intending to screen in an existing deck / porch that has a twin second story deck right above it. The object is to BUG-PROOF the bottom deck. I was thinking a dry deck system like DrySpace or Dry B-Low would not only eliminate most bugs, but also waterproof it.
Anyone have experiences good or bad these systems? Or even an alternative idea?
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JakeO --

DrySpace, Dry B-Low, UnderDeck... they should all work well for you. Not sure about the other 2, but I have installed several UnderDeck systems. and they do well.
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Thanks! I'll check into UnderDeck too.
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Just installed Dryspace on my deck

I just installed the Timbertech product under my large deck (30 x 14) and I'm generally satisfied. HOWEVER, I would strongly suggest first measuring the 'bays' in between the joists above your deck. The system is made for joist spans of 14.5 to 15 inches to ease installation. My deck had a bunch of bays that varied all over the place, most were narrower and it made a bit of work in trimming the 'V-Panel' covers to the correct width. But like most things, once we got the hang of it, it wasn't too big a deal. If your bays have alot of variance like mine, you may want to consider another product.
Two of the bays (mine had 22) were TOO WIDE, which turned out to be a major pain. To handle this (its in the docs) you need to trim two of the combo-brackets, tape them together ( I used silicone caulk additionally) and add another 2x4 as blocking to reduce the bay width. If you do decide to go with Dryspace, post and I can give you a bunch more tips. Here's some to start:
1. To cut the V-Panels, I used a table saw with a very fine blade and I turned the blade down low. This worked well.
2. To cut the combo brackets, I used a big miter box. This kept the plastic pieces from shattering. They suggest using a miter saw (which I don't have) so that may work as well.
3. I installed the f bracked only 1 inch or so from the bottom of the ledger bar, since my deck has metal brackets and the combo brackets wouldn't connect with them properly if I followed their recommendations. Just make sure that by dropping the starting point you don't run out of space at the far end of the joist when you pitch it down as they instuct.
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paul 2, did you notice this thread is over a year old?

You have some great info though!

Thank you for your input, but we try not to bump old threads like this. The original poster is long gone, or at least has resolved this long since. The information is here for others to search for and add a question, but posting an answer to an old question is something we avoid.


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