building an outdoor storage shed


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building an outdoor storage shed

When I bought my home, the previous owners had put up a prefabricated metal storage shed in the backyard. It is rather old, rusty and an eyesore.

I want to take down the metal storage shed and build a new storage shed in it's place. It has a concrete foundation.

Is there any DIY guides (step-by-step) that can show how to build a storage shed? Starting from the framing, putting up the walls, adding a window, putting up the roof, etc.?

This would be the first project I would be taking up like this, but I thought it would be a good starting place.

Any recommendations and help is appreciated.

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It's just basic framing. Go to a local lumberyard or a big box store and get a broshure or a book about building a shed. Lots of details covered there, with drawings or pictures.

Planning, planning, planning!! Draw out a plan that you can follow. Gabled roof, shed roof, or??? Base your size on not only the slab you have to work with but also the size of a sheet of plywood (4' X 8') to minimize waste. The outside dimensions of your walls should be in 4' increments, or an inch or 2 less.

Since the slab is in place, you'll frame each wall by laying it on the slab, nailing each stud (16" O.C.) to the PT bottom plate, then nail on one top plate. Stand that wall up and attach it to the slab, (Use a redhead at each end of each wall, and either readheads or powder driven nails every 2' to 3' in between), temporary braces to hold it in place, then frame the next wall. Once all 4 walls are up and the corners secured, add the second top plate, overlapping the corners opposite of what the wall plates are.

Then build your roof 'trusses', sheath it, roof it, side it, and finish it.

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