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Red face windows for clubhouse

hey people- I have a weird problem--- I made a large clubhouse for my daughter-- I am not a contractor or anything like that-- just a good dad--- Well I made it really nice and it is very strong and large-- But when I made the openings for the windows-- I did not make them even ,etc-- I actually made the windows out of cheap wood that is split in the middle top to bottom and the swing open like JOHN WAYNE saloon doors-- but thet are really not good--- I need to replace them with the CHEAPEST REAL windows that will fit into my weird proportion openings.... Hope DEpot-- says that I would have to have the windows custom made?? isn't there a place that sells SMALL windows made specifically for sheds that specialize in these SMALL type windows?? Please help me..... Thanks---
P.S. I will have the same problem with the door opening-- it is very narrow also....
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you have three choices:

1. have the windows custom made.

2. remodel the window framing to accommodate off-the-shelf windows.

3. build your own windows.

Best wishes.

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