Foundations for Sunroom/Conservatory


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I am in the process of planning to add a conservatory. However there is an element of confusion on my behalf as to how deep the foundations should be laid. The foundation in question is not going to be supporting a PVC/Double Glazed construction but a Wood/Double Glazed. Any guidance would be appreciated..
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Go ask your local bldg. dept. what they are going to require for a foundation. They have to inspect it and approve it, so just plan on doing it the way they require it.
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Hi, well it would be silly to give you details for a conservatory base as the building codes vary from area to area, but if you are buying your conservatory pre made ie all the components are pre cut for assembly then the company you buy your conservatory should also supply you with base sizes, also if you ask them nicely they will also supply you with foundation details in europe we build conservatory base in two way 1) A Raft this is a floating foundation made up od solid Concreat,
2) Footings this is an external pad around the outside edge of the conservatory then the footings are built on this but as already mentioned and your best starting place is your local building control office I hope this helps a little, Handyman.

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