I think its a greenhouse?


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Red face I think its a greenhouse?


My husband and I recently bought our first house. One of the things I liked about it was that it had a greenhouse built onto the house. However, we don't know how to fix it up. At one time this was a really nice greenhouse - it has a drip system, glass sides, the ceiling openes up when you pull a cord...and it has what seems to be a swamp cooler attached. There is a water spicket inside the greenhouse, but nothing happens when we turn the knob. I don't think there is much hope that the swamp cooler will work anymore.

This seems like such a big job for us "greenies" to do, but we really want to fix it up and start seeds in the early spring...it would be a shame to use the space as a place to keep junk like the last owner did.

This is an older home, built in 1955. The neighbors have told us that the most recent owner really let things go outside. He didn't even mow the lawn. But the owner before him really loved to garden and he worked very hard to make it beautiful - we would love to make it beautiful again, but we just need some advice about how to get started.


should we try to take off the swamp cooler or is it there for a reason? Could a greenhouse get too hot?

Any advice on how to get years of "gunk" off the windows?

Any advice on the water situation? Could it have just been shut off to that one spicket?

Any advice would be very appreciated!!!


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There are many online sources about greenhouse management.


Also, your Dept. of Agriculture Extension Agent would be a great ally to offer advice and info on greenhouse management and the best plants to grow in your area.

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