need some advice!


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need some advice!

I want to build a shed in my house, it's going to be 3 feet by 18 feet, with two sliding doors, can some one tell me what kind of wood should I use and what kind of nails an if they sell the railings for the slinding doors, any advice will be appreciated, thankyou in advance.
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I've read this thing at least 4 times, and I still have questions.

Is this a shed (which tells me that it's outdoors), or are you building it as an interior structure??

Yes, there is sliding door hardware available.

What kind of wood to use depends on it's exposure to the weather. If this thing is inside, where it'll never see a raindrop, then pine will work just fine. Put rollers under the doors to support the weight.

If it's exterior, then use a wood that will tolerate the wet. You'll either have to paint, (and paint forever!!) the surface, or use a bottom track to support the weight.
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You want to build a shed inside your house? Are you planning on moving it outside your house? This is a strange statement you have made.
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Sorry!. It's going to be in the back yard against the back fence.
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(I'm assuming that you changed your name from olimar.)

Use whatever species of wood is readily available and commonly used for framing where you are. On the left coast, that will be Doug Fir. In other areas of the country, it'll probably be something else. Then use a siding that will hold up in your climate, whether that be an OSB inner seal, Hardie plank or panels, etc. Use the same type of nails that are used by the contractors who build houses in your area when they are using the same material that you are. (16d & 8d common for the framing, and probably 8d galv. for the siding, depending on what you are using.)

There is a wide variety of hardware available for sliding doors on a shed. How heavy will the doors be and how much do you want to spend for it? If the shed will have a concrete slab, then you have a hard flat surface available, and bottom rollers can handle the weight, so a lightweight top guide is all you will need. Without the hard flat surface, you need to use a heavy enough hardware to support the weight of your doors. That could easily cost a couple hundred $$ for each pair of doors.

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