Sunroom woes/room addition


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Sunroom woes/room addition

Our house has an existing 14' x 25' sunroom that was added by the previous owners. Problem is, the quality of work was obviously very poor and it leaks in several spots. My wife & I really don't have much use for a sunroom (guess we're too young to appreciate. ) so I plan on tearing it down & replacing with a new 4-season family/living room.

My question is, what should I do with the materials from the sunroom once it's removed? Is there a market for this type of thing? The windows look very expensive & there's lots of them (24' long wall).

Any info would be appreciated.
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Donate to Habitat for Humanity?
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The windows -- donate them to Habitat for Humanity, as was suggested -- if they will take them. I have my doubts about that though -- they won't meet current energy codes for new construction, and even Habitat has to follow the codes. Otherwise, they are just a trash or recycle item.

You MAY be able to recycle the wood -- if the sunroom was built with wood. But if it was built with aluminum, then you can DEFINITELY recycle it. Pays about $.25/lb. around here. A couple hundred pounds buys a pretty nice dinner for you and the wife!
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try the local classifieds. that would make a nice greenhouse for the right person.
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Ask around or put an add in your newspaper. You might get someone that wants one and will help you take it down or at least take it off your hands.
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Cool, thanks for the suggestions everyone!
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Setting things in the driveway with a large sign that reads "FREE" works in some neighborhoods. Oddly enough, some of your other things might disappear as well!

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