Need planning and building help!


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Need planning and building help!

I want to build a shed but Im weighing the building cost vs prefab. I want around a 12x20-22' to store my quads and maybe a small loft area to store junk. A prefab will be around $3400 delivered. I was wondering:

-could I build one for about $2000-$2500.
-Could I use 4x4 or 6x6 for foundation and just put crushed stone in the middle to level it?
-Does any hardware store sel a kit with brackets?
-Whats the closest size that wont create too much waste?
-What pitch roof should I build?
-I want to use 2 swing open doors, do they sell them premade?
- what should I use for siding?
- how much would a concrete floor cost and how much should I get?

Im in NJ so the weather isnt bad here, just looking for the cheapest way to build it.
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Welcome to and the shed forum.

At 12' X 22', you will probably need a building permit. THAT will determine what you can do and how you go about it. Go ask your local bldg. dept. BEFORE you get yourself into a whole heap of trouble!!

A 12 X 22 at $2K?? Probably not going to happen. I have that much in each of my 10 X 12's that I site built 10 years ago.

Siding can be whatever you choose, as long as it's code approved. What will match your house best?? Go that way. HArdie Plank (or Panel) usually works well and lasts pretty much forever. Plywood or OSB siding is cheaper, but you'll be repainting every 5 to 7 years.

A 12' X 22' slab is a bit over 2 yards of concrete, PLUS footings.
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I also try to build in multiples of 4. I believe it makes for less waste and cutting. For example, on your project I would go 12x20 or 12x24.
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It's hard to compare prefabbed to site built since typically when you site build you use better grade materials and construction is alot better-at least from what I've seen in this area with the few places that build pre fab garages and shed...the quality just is'nt there for a long term building since they try to keep materials as low as possible to net profits.

All areas are different, here a slab goes for $3/sqft pending grade is flat and no fill required prior to forming. also, here footings are not needed on any out building 850sq ft and under. Just know you will be taxed if you pour a slab since it is now a "permanant structure" as opposed to one with gravel or wood base.

I know of no pre made swing out doors, since every application is typically different with opening wall dimensions that would mean quite a few door sizes to keep in stock. As far a s design, the best IMO for a shed to maximize space is a gambrel roof design (looks like a bran roof) this way it turns itself into a story and a half of space and you can build big shelves front/back of shed to get unused items off the floor. I personally dont like the looks of them, but there is no arguement they have the most usable space with the higher ceiling as opposed to straight rafters.

Material and labor costs vary per region so any of us trying to give a off the hip price will probably be waay off. I know here I bid sheds and garages at the same sq ft price and here we're typically $15-20 sqft cheaper than most of the region. IMO, the extra money spent on a site built using standard material will be the best long term solution for lack of maintenance and great apperance as far as blending into your existing structures.

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