sunroom sinking....


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sunroom sinking....

Hi all, I am brand new to these forums so forgive me if I am asking a redundant question.
As my title suggests, my sunroom is sinking. We just bought the house 6 months ago and I have found out that the previous owner was a shady, lazy, fixer-upper who took the quick route to everything. (Sorry, I'm ranting a little bit!)

My problem is this, the sunroom is 17' x 17' and was built on the 2" concrete porch. It is causing the sunroom to sink on one end and stress fracture on the attached end. Obviously, I need to do something can I level the sunroom? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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welcome to the party.
it might help if you could describe the construction and materials used. is the wall structure out of level or is the problem in the concrete only?
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At 2" thick, the concrete is 100% of the problem. I won't even pour a patio SLAB only 2" thick, and the only thing it has to support is its own weight!! To add anything to it simply isn't going to work!

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