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Shed under Deck - special material or technique required?

Shed under Deck - special material or technique required?


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Shed under Deck - special material or technique required?

I have a deck that is 8' above grade on a sloping lot.

I'm leveling out a portion of the space to build a shed. I plan to build the foundation on grade using solid concrete blocks.

Are there any special requirements for addressing mold or moisture when building a shed under a deck since it won't get any sun?
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With plenty of ventilation, it should be fine.
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Shed under deck

Hi, I realize this thread is old, just wondering how it turned out?

I have a deck about 8' high and am considering doing the same things. I have a RainEscape product draining water from under the deck. Now, need to decide what do do about a floor.
I'd like to dig it out a little and put in a concrete slab. (It would be below grade on the house side because the dirt is a little higher there. On the side farthest from the house it could be even with the grade.
I'm thinking about 2-3' of dry stack cement block with surface bonding cement around the base and then framing in the rest.
Goal is to use this for a 16'x14' workshop...
Humidity/dampness is a concern... I'd like to avoid mold and rust.
Any suggestions?
Old 02-18-09, 02:46 PM
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Welcome to the forums.

We have no clue how walkman's project came out, or even if it was ever done. He never posted back.

Your's -- My first question is do you have an area under the deck that is 14' X 16' without any support posts for the deck in it? You don't want to be moving or removing any of those posts. They are where they are to provide support for the deck, and more than likely they were positioned exactly where they are because that's as far as any of the beams that they support can span. So the posts stay where they are and you work around them.

Your idea of a stem wall on 3 sides of the shop will work. Just coat or seal the outside of the walls before you backfill around them to stop moisture from penetrating. Once the walls are up, pour the slab. With proper ventilation, you shouldn't have a moisture problem.

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