Moving a 16'x16' shed


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Moving a 16'x16' shed

Hi everyone,

I need to move a 16'x16' shed. I gotta first figure out its weight though. Structure's made of spruce.

The flooring's made of 2x12 @16"c/c and 1/2" wood chip panels. The walls are made of 2x4 @16"c/c and 1/2" wood chip panels both inside and outside (the shed is insulated). Don't know much about the ceiling other than the fact that it's insulated as well, finished with 1/2" wood chip panels and it's height is 8'. Roof slope is about 2:1 (W192"xH55") and made of 1/2" wood chip panels and asphalt shingles.

I then need to figure a way to move this monster about 30' further. I thought of using 2 wood skates made of five 2"x8"x20' each to pull/push the shed to its new location. How? All I have for now is a 1 ton come-along and big trees to help me drag it over and I'll probably have to use some logs so the shed's skates can roll over them?

Your suggestions are welcome!
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Yikes! quite a chore! Sounds like you have the right idea though with the logs as rollers. Maybe have 2 that act as runners and then use a whole bunch as rollers. Kinda like how the egyptions used to move those big pyramid stones lol. Then just keep moving them in front as you pull it with the come along. Just going to need some major leverage to get it up there to begin with. Maybe dig under it enough on each corner to get in bottle jacks and raise the whole structure so you can slide in the "rollers"? Good luck! Better you then me on that one lol.
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I moved a 12x24 shed last year by placing it on skids, attaching some brackets for cables and having a wrecker come by and puill it. We had to make a 90 degree turn, turn the building and pull it up a slight incline. Worked great with the wrecker and only cost 50.00

Would have been even easier for him if I had had some pipe or logs to roll it on.
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Be sure to brace the shed well - inside, with "X"s - lest the joints open.
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I moved prefab sheds with 4 lengths of 2" blackpipe, 3 tow straps and my F250. Jack the shed up to get the pipes under it, take the tow straps around the shed on the low side where the skids are and off you go. Every 5' I needed to move a pipe..
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Solution for you - PVC pipe

Get yourself some 5-6" diameter PVC Pipe. Use a 4x4 on a cinder block (lever) to lift the front end of the structure off the ground and have a helper slide the PVC pipe under the shed. Do the same at the back end, and try to get about 3 pieces evenly under the base of the shed. It should roll pretty easily on the PVC at this point. As you roll off of one PVC pipe, bring it back to the other end of the shed and place it in front so you'll roll over it next. Keep doing this until you get your shed where you want it. Then use your lever to lift the shed to remove the Pipes. Two of us moved my 10X12 shed in no time.
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