Generator enclosure


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Generator enclosure

Does anyone know where I can find plans to build an enclosure for a standby generator? It's a 6500W Honda approx. 27" wide by 20" deep by 23" high.

Thanks, Ross
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Generator enclosure

Whatever you build make sure it STRONG and not flimsy. Often, when you need ti the are strong winds and things flying around. That is when you need the protection AND power.

I saw many generators that were worthless in Mississippi and Louisiana after Katrina that were damaged enough so they could not be used when they were needed. Most was debris damage ans some water.

If you need it in an emergency, build for an emergency.

Good luck in finding plans - I am sure there are plenty. Just make it stronger with heavy screen around and a strong cover to hold up a tree.

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You don't really need 'plans', and they would need to be for your generator anyway.

You need four things:
1. Ventilation, a small attic fan works well and can be powered by the generator itself.
2. A overheat failsafe in case the fan quits or the intake/exhaust for it gets blocked, even an alarm that lets you know would work.
3. Sound proofing, no point in an enclosure if it doesn't keep things quiet.
4. A liftable top, so you can put gas in it without pulling the generator out.

I built mine out of 2x6's, insulated and covered with 1/2" OSB and vinyl siding on the outside and 1/2" cemet backerboard on the inside (as fire proofing). Appropriate cutouts for intake and exhaust air as well as a pass thru for power to the transfer switch and liftable top, aided with a pair of gas struts like you find on hatch backs and SUVs.

I can stand right next it and carry on a conversation without raising my voice and it's ready to go when needed, all I have to do is crank it up and plug it into the transfer switch.
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Generator enclosure

Pendragon -

Sounds like you have a well planned out set-up.

It is very unfortunate that I did not see more installations like yours in Mississippi and Louisiana. People get the wrong idea from the press that it was all floods. I also saw a lot of pure hurricane winds and many tornadoes inland.

I saw many homes with no flooding, but with roof damage that permitted water entry. Those that had emergency power were able to open up and ventilate immediately. Those that could not get positive ventilation or any power were "dead in the water" and could not/did not do anything positive for weeks. Because of the time, the mold/damage was magnified. Roofs are easy to replace, but the interior moisture will haunt people for years.

You can't skimp on emergency measures because emergencies are when the measures are needed and worth many time the cost.

Even though you do not have plans, posting a couple of shots would give people some ideas. I saw what not to do and would enjoy seeing how to do it properly.


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