shed roof question


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shed roof question

Hello all.. I have a question. I notice many sheds use 2x4 for rafters.. I was wondering in my situation would it be wise also.. Now I live and an area with limted snow fall.. maybe 3" a year.. some at once.. sometimes over the year.

My shed is a 10' x 12' .. walls @ 16" on center .. was planning on 16" rafter spacing as well.. going to use 1/2 decking on roof.. because of height limitations going to do a very low slope.. like 12 3 or 2.. with a 2 x 8 ridge.. across the 12' span.. thoughts?

thanks in advance
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Running your 2x8 down the ridge on the 12' length leaves you only a 5' span either side of the ridge. I would think 2x4 rafters would work just fine - especially on 16" centers.

You didn't mention what roofing material you plan to use - 12/3 is probably the minimum slope for regular 3-tab shingles. If you need to go as flat as 12/2, I would suggest using 30# felt under the shingles, overlapped by 12", to help prevent leaks.
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I'm going to redesign your shed and make it stronger and less expensive.

First, you don't need a ridge beam. Simply cut the ends of your 2X4's at 12 degrees or 15 degrees and use 1/2" plywood gussets at the peak to hold them together. You can get 2X2 or 2X4 handi-panels of plywood at a big box store to cut the gussets out of. Put a 2X4 joist from wall to wall at every other rafter, or "truss".

Set your rafter spacing at 24" O.C. and save yourself one or two rafters. 3" of snow equates to about a 10 lb. snow load. There's no reason to set them at 16".

As long as you don't have any significant overhang, use OSB for the roof sheathing. It costs about 1/3 of what plywood does (or less) and it's actually stronger.

Frame the walls at 24" O.C. It's a shed! Both of mine were built this way 15 years ago and have seen over 12" of snow on top of them. Trust me, they WON'T fall down!!

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