Moving very heavy shed long distance


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Moving very heavy shed long distance

I need to move a heavy shed from Boise, ID to SLC, UT (about 350 miles)

It is 10x12 with an attic. It has 2" thick planking for the floor and 4x6 skids under that. the framing is 2x4s on 16" centers with 2x6 floor joists for the attic. 5/8" plywood for the attic floor and roof (gambrel roof), and 1/2" plywood for the walls with cottage lap siding. So, this is a very heavy shed. I moved it about 100' this summer and an 8000 pound winch was barely able to inch it along on greased, heavy, smoth plywood. My guess is that it weighs around 5000 pounds.

It is 17' high at the peak so I can't haul it upright. If I lay it down on my trailer (it is rated 10000# GVWR, about 7200# net) it will be just under 14' from road to peak.

My question is, how can I safely tip it onto the trailer. It seems that I'd need some sort of telescoping hydraulic jacks to tip it up and something similar on the trailer to lower it down once it gets past the tipping point.

Any ideas on what to use/how to do it?

Thanks, Glen
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Can't help with your question, but make sure you check with the DOT. I think you're going to need an oversize vehicle permit to do this.
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sell the shed in Boise , buy one when you get to SLC

a lot easier to move the cash than the shed
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I think you'll find the 14' height will be a problem as per mitch's thoughts. Not sure about Utah and Idaho, but I think max height here is 13' 6".

Mango has the right idea.

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